Adhered Solutions | Pavings


Improvement of Conventional Solutions

Technical Pavements

Over Industrial Slab / Over Natural Ground

 Basis of Settlement
The pavement basis will be executed in screed whose section will be defined bearing in mind the function of the foreseen loads; it may have a metallic armor in order to distribute the load if necessary.

Binding Adhesive
The binding adhesive should be a Flexible Technique Glue, applied over the screed basis and on the back side of the pieces.

Foreseen Uses
Since the pedestrian traffic until the transit and parking of cars.

Single Waste Layer
A single waste layer guarantees a larger durability of the floor, therefore enlarging its life cycle, allowing the finishing in place or the future requalification by using two methods:

- polish, to obtain a smooth surface
- block picked, to obtain a anti-slip surface