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Thermal Slab Covering

Isothermal Slab / Thermal Stone

Isothermal Slabs / Thermal Stone Mono K

The isothermal slabs Mono K are constituted by the incorporation on Mono K slab of a thermal isolation basis made of appropriate polystyrene, aiming to provide the best performance on the inverse covering solution.

Inverse Covering

The inverse covering system is a flat covering thermally isolated, with specificity of the isolation is placed on top of the waterproofing inversing the conventional or traditional position.

AdvantagesA covering which is thermally isolated with a Isothermal Slab Mono K, offers all advantages of an inverse covering and additionally:

- Possibility of choice of the type of finishing,

- Easy and quick placing,

- It is removable, allowing an easy covering maintenance,

- The Isothermal Slab is applicable for flat coverings and terraces for pedestrian use,

- Direct application above the covering or above supports,

- The slabs can be used when the covering can only support a minimum additional charge,

- In one operation are executed the thermal isolation and the finishing, which allows material and labour economy,

- It allows the creation of accessible passable coverings,

- The Isothermal Slabs can be applied with pending which fluctuates between 1% and 5%,

- Physical protection of the waterproofing membrane.