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Improvement of Conventional Solutions

Glued Façade

Collage / Fixation

The application of Mono K in façades demands, by respecting the normative recommendations, the use of a better adhesion adhesive, being advised the use of flexible technique glue as per producer indications. That’s glue with cement and resin which makes a chemical collage of the piece to the support being advised a double collage applying on the back side of the piece and on support.

Fixation Concept
The anchorage is a technique of mixed fixation using double collage and mechanic fixation simultaneously. Normally, this procedure is used above the basement level, it is recommended for safety reasons and also for technical guarantee of the wall tiles.
Therefore, mixed fixation is a high instalment technique which gathers the double collage system using anchor metallic elements between the Mono K pieces and the support, just like fixation / anchorage crews. Normally it’s used two fixation pieces for stone, placed on horizontal joint, by grout or screwing.

Fixation Rivet
The Mono K anchorage system recommends the application of the fixation rivet, a metallic piece, in stainless steel, with 6mm long and 1,2mm thickness, whose folded ends are inserted on pieces to fix using simply a lateral rip, being screwed using a stopgap or leaded to the support with a suitable technique glue. Normally, it’s used two rivets per stone and they are placed on the horizontal joint.