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What is the Ventilated Façade Mono K

The thermoventilated façade Mono K, responds to the increased search of sonorous and acoustic isolation, either in new building, or in renewal ones, while it assures the stony final effect of Mono K compound.

The fixation systems for the Mono K façade should be corrosion and mechanic stress resistant, creating an air chamber between the façade and the slab, which will allow the wall to breathe at the same time it forms a natural isolation barrier.

In order to improve the thermal and acoustic isolation, the support plan and the structural zones exposed, should be protected with appropriated thermal isolation (cork, stone wool, polyurethane slabs, projected polystyrene, etc.) producing significant energy savings and
allowing maintaining the ideal temperature indoors, every year.

The technical department Mono K, can offer solutions for specific requirements.

Types of Ventilated Façade

Stapling System
A) Fixation by anchor bolt
B) Mechanic Fixation


Grid System
A) Fixation with continuous rip
B) Fixation with punctual rip

The advantages
The ventilated façade systems are known by their use on architecture, either for new building or for renewal projects of already existent buildings.

Protects from Water
The system protects the walls structure from rainwater and ice intake, decreasing the maintenance costs.

Saves Energy
It supplies significant heat and acoustic isolation, limiting the heat dispersion during winter time and the excessive heat absorption during summer time, therefore saving a considerable quantity of energy.

Creates a healthy environment
It keeps the environment healthy, helping the humidity dispersion existent on the interior of the building.

Keeps the technical characteristics and appearance through time
It protects from dirt, avoiding corrosion and pollution, keeping the surface colour.

Ideal for renewal and requalification Works
The ventilated wall is applied above the existing grout, dispensing repair and restoration, in a short period of time.

Allows a large diversity of design solutions
It’s available a large range of Mono K finishing seeking for the appreciation of architecture.